Guidelines for Indians Driving in Canada

As international borders are opening up to allow travelers from other countries, many Indians will be keen to migrate or visit Canada. In Canada, owning/hiring your own car/4-wheeler is the most practical & time-efficient way to commute, so before you fly to Canada, here’s what you should keep in mind for driving in Canada as […]

Canada to Roll-Out National Vaccine Passport for International Travel

Canada has announced the introduction of vaccine passports for its citizens to facilitate international during the ongoing pandemic caused by Covid-19. The Canadian Prime Minister Mr. Justin Trudeau made the announcement regarding the new, standardized vaccine passports for the vaccinated population of Canada during a public addressing from the Canadian capital city of Ottawa. The […]

Canada to launch new PR Streams for temporary residents:

Canada is about to launch six new PR (Public Relations) immigration streams in the upcoming week for temporary residents in Canada. The Stream opened on Thursday, 6th of May 2021 at 12:00 pm IST. The online portal is available currently in the online website of The Government of Canada. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), […]

The Perfect Outline Guide to Moving to Canada:

Canada ranks 6th in the world in terms of Indian population living overseas. It is estimated that nearly 1.5 million Canadians have Indian origins and they make up just over 4% of the total Canadian population. Geographically Canada borders the United States of American to its south and west, Canada is the second largest country […]

Thousands Travelling to Canada Test Positive for Different Covid-19 Variants:

A significantly high number of more than 2,000 flyers returning to Canada after the Canadian government imposed mandatory hotel quarantines have returned positive Covid-19 test results and more than 25% of the infected were infected by variants that could spell trouble for Canada. According to the data published by Public Health Agency of Canada show […]

Canada bans flights from India and Pakistan for 30 days:

Canada has decided to ban all flights that take off from India and Pakistan for 30 days because of the rising second-strained Covid cases within these two countries. This announcement was made by the Canadian Transport Minister Omar Alghabra in which the flight ban took effect from Thursday midnight. Canada is not the only country […]

Boris Johnson Cancels India Trip | India on Red List

The Prime Minister or Great Britain Boris Johnson has shelved his plan of visiting India on April 26th 2021 in view of the ongoing pandemic crisis in India. The United Kingdom also added India to its “Red List”, which means it is effectively restricting all travel to the UK from India. Any UK residents who […]

Grammy 2021 experiences curses from fans.

In case you happened to miss the event, check out the complete winners list from the 63rd Grammy Awards that will make you realize how did the event occurred. The 63rd Grammy of the year 2021 experiences massive curses from fans storming outbursts on twitter and other social media platforms. The event was hosted by […]

Is your Canadian Driving License valid in other countries?

If you think having just one driving license is enough to drive in any other foreign country, then you are on the wrong road. the way you try to leap into internet for facts and plenty information about the country you are supposed to visit, this article is not less than a factful informative travelling […]