Canada gifts India 3000 ventilators to fight uncontrollable Covid cases and short of supplies

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  • Canada gifts India a consignment of 3000 ventilators that worth up to 8000 Canadian Dollars each, to fight uncontrollable COVID cases and short of supplies, even though the province is itself facing its own third wave of the coronavirus driven by new, more-contagious variants.
  • The friendly moving decision from Canada was announced by Premier Doug Ford on Monday, 3rd of May towards the helping hand lent by India towards the province on the month of March, with 500,000 AstraZeneca vaccines when the province witnessed a supply crisis.
  • Thanking Ontario for the help, Indian High Commissioner Ajay Bisaria described it as a “reciprocal gesture” and explained how their friendly relations helped each other during the need.
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  • The consignment of ventilators from Canada worth up to 144 crore Indian Rupees and is manufactured by O-Two Medical Technologies Inc, headquartered in Brampton, Greater Toronto Area or GTA.
  • Meanwhile, the consignment of medical equipment from the Federal Government, in addition to its donation of 10 million Canadian dollars to the Canadian Red Cross, is also imminent as it finalizes identification of the material that can be sent from its emergency stockpile including ventilators, oxygen concentrators and generators.
  • According to Patricia Skinner, the spokesperson for Global Affairs, The Government of Canada will also continue supporting India with essential supplies and medicines, including oxygen cylinders for clinics and ambulances. It will also continue to work closely with Indian officials to explore all options to respond to identified needs on the ground.
  • Other than the medical supplies, the province will also donate 10 million dollars to the Canadian Red Cross that will take care of the overall efforts for India in launching Covid-19 Response Appeal that shall work closely and coordinate with the Indian Red Cross Society.
  • Meanwhile, major Canadian corporates are also joining in with assistance such as Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited, Rogers, SunLife.
  • Fairfax has been known to donate around 37 crore Indian Rupees recently to the Canadian Red Cross society to take care of the relief effort for India. They are working closely with the Karnataka Government for building emergency hospitals as well as their necessary facilities as quickly as possible with the help of Dexterra Group expertise.
  • Rogers, the biggest telecommunication corporate company of Canada, and SunLife, one of the financial service group giants have contributed about 100,000 Canadian dollars to the Canadian Red Cross Society that makes up to 60 lakh Indian Rupees, for further facilitation to India.
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