Nova Scotia Drivers License Documents Required

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What are the documents required applying for Nova Scotia Driver’s License?

The residents of Nova Scotia Province while applying for the Driver’s license they have to show the age proof and name proof documents. The applicant must provide one primary Identification document and two secondary identification documents.


Only original and certified copies issued by the concerned authority will be accepted.

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Accepted list of Documents satisfies all the three identification requirements:

  • Nova Scotia Driver’s License.
  • Nova Scotia Photo Identification Card.
  • Valid Canadian Passport.
  • Enhanced Driver license of other provinces of Canada.
  • Enhanced provisional identification card.
  • Canadian Citizenship card.
  • Permanent Resident card.
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Accepted list of Documents satisfies two identification requirements:

  • Driver’s License from other Jurisdiction.
  • British Columbia combined Driver’s license & Services card.
  • British Columbia Services card.
  • Valid Foreign Passport.
  • United States Passport Card.
  • Military Identification Card.
  • Record of Landing.

Accepted list of Documents which supports Age/Name proof:

  • Canadian Birth Certificate.
  • IMM 5292 – Confirmation of Permanent Resident.
  • Study Permit.
  • Work permit.
  • Visitor permit.
  • Temporary resident permit.
  • Refugee Protection claimant (IMM 1442)
  • Canadian Citizenship Certificate.
  • Certificate of Indian Status Card.
  • Court Order consisting Legal name, date of birth.
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